Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Love, Long For, and Live In...My Three Places

Today I'm participating in the Travel Tuesday link-up by A Compass Rose for the first time. I've seen links to it for a few weeks now but the theme is what finally made me join in the fun today.

The theme for today is Three Places and the prompt is to share three places...the place you have been that you loved the most, the place you cannot wait to visit and something about the place you live in.  

The Place I have Loved the Most

This one is getting tougher and tougher with each visit to England but I'm going to have to say the place I have loved the most is still Paris. Maybe it's because it was the first place I visited outside of North America so it will always have the honour of showing me Europe first. Or maybe it was the challenge of traveling in another language and being reasonably successful at it. Or maybe it is just that there isn't anything to not love about Paris. At least nothing that I have found yet. I know the stereotype is that people are rude in Paris but that's not something I've experienced. In fact quite the opposite which has made for interesting chats with shopkeepers, fellow travelers on the m├ętro, and even policemen. And then of course there are the beautiful buildings, all the history and culture, the scrumptious food, the great memories of the time spent with my Mom and my friends there, and oh the ceilings! I could wander around looking at the ceilings all day.

The Place I have Loved the Most...Paris

The Place I Cannot Wait to Visit

You would think with all the lists of places I want to visit this one would be the hardest to answer but surprisingly it's not. I do read about and daydream about so many places but there is one that I find myself mentioning over and over to anyone that will listen to me because it just looks so amazing to me....the glass igloos at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland. From the first moment I saw this picture I have wanted to go there, and I don't even really enjoy trudging around in the snow that much. There is just something that is so ultimately cozy (and yes romantic too, as the kiddo just pointed out to me) about the igloos that I just want to cuddle up, gaze at the stars with L, and if we're really lucky, watch the Northern Lights dance across the sky.

The Place I Cannot Wait to Visit...Finland (photo source)

Something About the Place I Live In

I have lived in Houston for about 15 years now but really it's only been in the past few years that I started to enjoy it a little more as the kiddo and I have started exploring the city. Besides getting to do some fun and interesting things with him I figure I better see and do all that Houston has to offer while I'm still here. We've visited museums, attended sporting events (oh how we miss you Houston Aeros!), gone to concerts, tried foods from different countries, all kinds of things. One of our favourite things to do in the spring is to go to Discovery Green for one of their movie nights. They blow up a big screen, everyone brings their blankets and chairs, and we settle in for a movie with the highrises of downtown Houston as the backdrop.

Something About the Place I Live...Houston

Where are your places in the world? Come join the fun with Bonnie, Tina, and Melanie!!



  1. i LOVED Paris! I was there twice and agree. It is magical! And Finland looks awesome! Never really saw many pictures of it!

    1. Magical...that is exactly the right word for Paris. I haven't seen many pictures of Finland either myself but I sure have looked at this one a lot! :-)

  2. Ohh I have read about that Arctic Resort and it is just such a magical place! I would love to go there too!!

  3. I have read about this place in Finland! Amazing!

  4. Van Berry and Sammy Dorn~ If, no I should say WHEN, I get a chance to go I'll be sure to report on whether it is indeed as wonderful as it looks. Hopefully that will be sooner than later. :-)

  5. Those glass igloos in Finland look amazing! How fun and it would be perfect if the northern lights came out!!

  6. How amazing do that hotel in Finland look? I saw it in an article about the best hotels to see the Northern Lights...what a dream :) I'll have to read more in your blog about Houston, as my brother is moving there soon!

  7. I'll have to do some more posts soon about Houston then eh? :-) If he has any questions about living here please tell him to feel free to ask and I'll help out any way I can. Not sure where he's moving from but if he'll be here soon tell him its HOT! Hot and humid is the name of the game for at least the next six months. :-)