Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Most Memorable Travel Moments

What makes a particular moment from your travels memorable? Makes it worthy of being deemed one of your "favourites" even? Or gives it a spot on a Top 10 list?

I've been thinking about this a lot over the past few days as I've got this blog up and running. I've been thinking of sharing some of my favourite moments from traveling, perhaps even putting them into one of those Top 10 lists as I do so love a list especially a good "Top 10..." list. But you know what? This is one list I'm actually not going to put a number on. In fact I hope it is the one list that instead of checking things off as done, I'm going to add to it until ...well until my life is done.

For me my most memorable travel moments are the moments that gave me goosebumps. The moments that gave me that feeling of absolute joy as they were happening. The moments that made me breathe a sigh of pure contentment. Or the moments that made me think that there was no place in the world that I would rather be at that moment. Today I'd like to share a few of those kinds of moments.

The first time I saw the Eiffel Tower...

This was a goosebumps moment. In 2005 I took my first trip overseas and was beyond excited to be there. The very first spot to visit was the Eiffel Tower so my friend and I made our way from our hotel in the suburbs of Paris on the metro. Since were were underground we didn't get to see Paris until we climbed the steps at our stop. And there, at the top of the steps, I looked up and saw it. Absolute goosebumps. I had finally, truly arrived in Paris.

The Map Division of the New York Public Library...

The Rose Main Reading Room and the McGraw Rotunda in the Schwarzman Building at 5th and 42nd are pretty spectacular but it was the Map Division room that won me over. I remember the snow falling slowly outside and all I wanted to do was sit all afternoon in this cozy room surrounded by maps and globes and under the stunning ceiling. But the rest of New York was waiting to be seen and I only had the one day. Another time on another visit I'll return to this room.

Discovering by accident this beautiful old church just as the sun was setting...

Many evenings during my month long stay in Le Havre, France found me wandering the streets looking for unique buildings or other things that caught my eye to photograph. This church that I stumbled upon from behind at just the right time was my favourite discovery. As I came around the front I noticed the way the sun shone on the steeple through the trees and I still love the picture it made. I just stood there on the quiet street and watched as the sun set and the colours changed and finally faded away.

And finally for tonight, but certainly not the least favourite on this list, was...

Picnic in the park with L...

Our first of several picnics so far with many more to come. We were looking for something to have for lunch and spotted a "Picnic in the Park" sign at a pub. Perfect! We ordered some lunch and drinks and walked the short distance to St. James Park outside Buckingham Palace. We found a little spot on the grass, had our lunch and just talked and I thought to myself...I'm so falling for this guy.
It makes me so happy that he likes these little picnics too and I'm looking forward to every one of them we'll have together around the world.

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