About Me

About Me

I'm Stacey, a lover of ....
  • Reading. Historical fiction and non-fiction, travel guides and memoirs, even sappy romances. I always have a book {or two or three} on the go. 
  • Lists. For anything and everything. Makes me smile to cross things off those lists. I may have been known to even put things on a list just to be able to cross them off.
  • Downton Abbey. One of only three shows I purposely make time for. It's got it all- history, drama, romance, beautiful scenery and architecture. Highclere Castle is definitely on my list to see. 
  • Taking photos. They are my souvenirs and I so enjoy pouring over them after a trip to remember all the details about the places I went, sights I saw, even the meals I ate.
But mostly I'm a lover of...
  • Traveling the world. I'm constantly dreaming of the places I'd like to see next, reminiscing about the places I've been, and researching and booking the next trip. I just about burst with happiness when I arrive in London or Paris because they are my two favourite cities on the planet {at least so far}. I hope I never have to stop traveling. Even when I'm 90 years old I hope some kind soul will tuck me into their car and take me for a drive to have afternoon tea in a new little town. 

About My Travel Companions

I've done quite a bit of solo traveling and have enjoyed the freedom of seeing and doing exactly what I wanted, when I wanted. But you know what? When you've got a good travel companion you get to share all of that with them and it can just make it so much better. I've traveled with several friends, some family, even a group of twelve college students over the years but the ones you'll likely read about the most on this blog will be...

L= my boyfriend. My newest travel companion and partner in crime and I don't think I could have found a better one. He loves traveling as much as I do and it's what initially got us talking about something other than our work. That evolved into a great friendship and now a great relationship. We've already traveled in four countries together, have four more on the list for 2014, and just keep dreaming together about where we'll go next.

The kiddo. I am Mom to one awesome son that becomes a teenager this year but still manages to maintain some of the sweetness he's always had. He's also a complete goofball at times so he keeps me laughing with his silly jokes and off-the-wall comments. We've traveled in the US and Canada over the years but this year he's going to have the best "What I did on my Summer Vacation" story ever...four countries in one summer! Over the next few years we'll do our best to see as many countries together as possible and one day maybe you'll see us on the Amazing Race because every week when we tune in we say "yep, that needs to be us on there".

M=my crazy, but oh so lovable friend. We met as fellow first year teachers on our first day on the job. We conspired to quit at lunch that day but stuck with it. She more so than me as she's still at it but I decided it was for the birds after three years. Over the years we've taken road trips with our kids together and did Paris and Amsterdam together. Trust me when I say, she is exactly the friend you would want to find yourself with in Amsterdam on your last weekend of a five week work trip in Europe.

C=my travel and fellow Downton lover friend. She's as into history and Europe as I am and we've traveled to New Orleans, Iceland and England together. A proper cream tea {the Devonshire way of course!} outside Windsor Castle together went down in both our books as one of our Top 10 Best Ever Travel Moments. One day we'll get to Highclere Castle too. Or maybe that "Literary London" itinerary we recently read about. One day.

Now that you've learned a little about me and some of the people that make my life so much fun I'd love to learn about you. Please feel free to share your blog with me as I so like reading about the adventures of others, especially travel stories.

Happy Travels and Bon Voyage!


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