Travel Goals

2014 Travel Plans

This year is shaping up to be my busiest travel year yet by putting me in eight different countries this year with four of those being countries I've never visited before.

The year started off with a road trip to San Antonio, TX to celebrate the New Year with L. We strolled the Riverwalk, visited all five missions on the Mission Trail, and then took a tour in Natural Bridge Caverns on the way home.

March found me returning to London to take another road trip from L's house this time. We took the Eurotunnel in to France to explore the D-Day beaches, museums, military cemeteries, and other military sites from WWII in Normandy. We also took some time to visit Honfleur and Bayeux. From France we drove on to Ypres, Belgium to explore some WWI sites, memorials, and cemeteries.

In May L returns to Houston for a visit and we have a weekend getaway planned to Fredericksburg, TX with Enchanted Rock, seeing a couple million bats emerge from a cave at dusk, and the National Museum of the Pacific War on that weekend's agenda.

In June the kiddo, L,  and I are off on our first cruise! Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas will take us to Mexico, Belize, and Honduras- three countries none of us have been to. We have a tour of Roatan Island, the Coba and Xunantunich ruins, and possibly some underwater snorkeling adventures to look forward to.

August the kiddo and I are off to visit L and I'm so excited to get to show the kiddo London. I think he's going to love it! So far the list of possible things to do is up to 25+ so safe to say we'll see all the 'must see' things like Big Ben, Covent Garden, and the London Eye. Also since the kiddo is a Beatles and Harry Potter fan we'll take a walk on the zebra crossing at Abbey Road and visit the Harry Potter Warner Bros. studio tour. We'll also take in some history at the Tower of London and the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. And then some gruesome bits like the Clink Prison Museum. Eeek! This is going to be one VERY busy week.

Finally on the agenda for 2014 {at least as of this writing} we're planning to spend time over Christmas in Canada visiting my family. As we'll be in the Toronto area we won't be able to visit without showing L Niagara Falls and taking a trip into the city of Toronto.

And in addition to all these places the kiddo and I are keeping up with playing tourist this year in our own city of Houston by visiting museums, taking in movies at Discovery Green, and seeing what else there is to discover.

Phew! 2014 is going to be a year for the record books for sure.

2015 Travel Goals

Looking ahead to 2015 L and I have already started thinking about another trip to Belgium in March. We really enjoyed our visit there this year and would like to go back for a longer visit. So far we've talked about visiting the Ypres area again for some more WWI museums and sites. We're also planning at least a day in Bruges which is definitely a city on my 'must see in this lifetime' list.

Lifetime Travel Goals

In addition to the above short term travel goals and plans, I have oodles of other travel goals I'd like to accomplish in my lifetime. Some of these I know I'll accomplish and others, well they are a stretch to say the least but I bet I'll surprise myself at how many I do especially if I have them written down.

My long term and life time travel goals are: 

source: Goodreads

Visit all 100 of the Landmarks of the World from the list in this book.

Visit all the castles of England from this list.

Visit 100 countries.

Read a book set in every country of the world.

"A goal that is not planned is a wish;
 a dream that is not chased is a fantasy." 
 ~ Steve Maraboli

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